Wooden Gum Pole Structure:

• All poles used in the structure are Tanalith CCA treated poles to SABS 457 specifications.
• Diameter of poles is determent to the design & size of roof.
• All strategic points in structure are bolted with threaded steel bar.
• Upright poles are concreted in standard foundation holes.
• On house roofs & brick walls poles are fasten with a special method onto the walls.
• All roofs are built on 50° pitch for longer life span & beter water flow from roof.



Ceiling layer: Cape thatch reed is used as inside layer for dust free and clean look.

Grass: Thatching grass (Hyperrhenia Hirta) is used for outside, thickness of thatch will be 175-200mm, only winter harvested grass is used on roofs.

Ridge cover: Fibreglass is a standard covering used on ridge. (only large)

Over thatching: Adding a new layer of grass, thickness of 100-125mm onto existing thatch roof.

Re-thatching: Remove all existing grass from structure and thatch new grass onto frame.

Guarantee: 3 Year guarantee on workmanship & material.

If plans are required a draftsman can be recommended, design, specs & assistance is available.


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